Agenda (Updated 06.21.18)

Meeting Location:
Skamania Lodge
1131 Skamania Lodge Way
Stevenson, WA  98648


Thursday, September 27, 2018


tbd am          Breakfast

tbd am          Welcome

tbd am          Rural Economic Development:  What can government, and specifically port districts, do to spur development in rural areas of the state?  What new tools might help advance the goal to provide access to economic opportunity throughout the state?  This subject is as hot as it gets in Olympia, with policy makers on both sides of the aisle taking an interest.

tbd am        Break

tbd am       Using a Planned Action EIS and Integrated Planning Grants to Address Environmental Issues Early in the Development Process:   Integrated Planning Grants and the planned action EIS are a regulatory reform available today.  An IPG provides early funding to ensure MTCA cleanup standards match proposed future land uses.  Together with a planned action EIS ports have a tool to work with other local jurisdictions to ensure a planned action ordinance in place prior to development.  Done right, projects are not required to complete any additional SEPA analysis.

12:00 pm       Lunch

tbd pm         Show Me Something Cool!  Each represented port prepares a five-minute presentation to share innovation on any environmental related project.

tbd pm          Break

tbd pm          How Recent Legal Precedents Are Affecting Environmental Requirements:  Recent decisions on large development projects have crated precedents ports should be prepared to address during the development process.  Rail capacity and emissions, wake stranding, greenhouse gas emissions, and obligations related to tribal governments have all evolved.  What are these new expectations and how can ports be prepared to effectively respond to them?

tbd pm          Section 408 Permitting Update:  At this time last year concern was growing about how the Corps' Section 408 permit might affect port projects.  Our worst fears appear to have receded.  This presentation will focus on changes the Corps has made to the 408 permit and what it means for different types of projects.

tbd pm             Dinner and Social Event

Friday, September 28, 2018


tbd am          Breakfast

tbd am          Stormwater Remediation:  As any port that has experienced operating under a stormwater permit can tell you, corrective actions are a part of how these permits work.  What strategies are ports using to avoid or address corrective action requirements?  What has worked and what hasn't?  Is AKART seen as a useful tool in the compliance process?  

tbd am       Break

tbd am       Model Toxic Control Act Rulemaking Update:  Phase 1 of a three-phase staged process is underway.  Phase 1 focuses on housekeeping issues within the existing WAC.  In Phase 2, Ecology plans to open up the substance of existing policies.  Mr. Pendowski will share the agency's plans and how ports can participate most effectively in the rulemaking process.

tbd am              Wrap-Up and Adjourn